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Joint awards: Action Medical Research & CSPCT

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The next deadline date for these outline applications is likely to be November 2021 for awards in July 2022. 

Applications are being considered through the Action Medical Research peer review system for research to help children with brain damage or other mental or physical disability at birth in particular through research into effective physiotherapy treatments and the dissemination of the results to the public.

Applicants who apply in this topic area and whose Principal Investigator or Joint Principal Investigator is a full member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy are eligible to apply for up to £250,000 (our normal upper limit for project grants is £200,000).

Applications will be assessed in competition with other applications within the Action Medical Research remit across a broad range of disciplines. Applications should be for nationally/internationally competitive research of high scientific merit likely to be published in a high impact journal and be presented at national/international conferences, with the potential to move the field forward scientifically and with potential clinical impact in the short to medium term.

Applicants should be employed in a UK based University, hospital or recognised research institute.

Applicants should check the Action Medical Research guidelines and exclusions for project grants.

Jointly-funded research awards will be subject to the standard Action Medical Research terms and conditions, together with these Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust conditions:

The lead researcher or joint lead researcher must be a Chartered Society of Physiotherapy member paying a current subscription for the Society. They are expected to be qualified and experienced in research (eg have a PhD or equivalent) and will be responsible for the conduct of the research and for monitoring its progress.

  • The research team must comply with national ethical and research governance standards (as with all Action Medical Research grants). To gain approval the research team needs to complete the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS).
  • In order to comply with registration requirements for randomised controlled trials, and to maintain a public portfolio of all SRP projects which are trials, successful applicants must apply for ISRCTN registration.
  • Support will not be provided for:
    • research that is part of a taught degree eg MSc, undergraduate  
    • MPhil / PhD / DPhil / Post Doc university fees
    • educational courses or any educational activity.

Researchers will be required to use Researchfish to report research output.

An additional sum of £600 from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust is available to the lead researcher to enable a presentation at Physiotherapy UK. Additional support may be available from Action Medical Research to attend other conferences on request.

Applicants are able to include the cost of open access publishing fees within their budgets up to a ceiling of £3,000.

Review process

Successful applicants from the outline stage will be invited to complete a full application for full external peer review in open competition with other applications in the grant round.

Questions regarding the round should be directed to Action through our email address