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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) appeal

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researcher hands seen carrying out tests in the lab

Developing a new diagnostic device

Find more about the research, led by Professor Teng, that could transform the screening of newborn babies for CMV.

Mylo in the pool

Mylo's story

Mylo was three months old when tests revealed he had been born with CMV. He underwent treatment with antiviral drugs, that if given soon enough, can help limit the damage caused by the virus, but it soon became clear that it was too late. Now eight years old, Mylo is non-verbal, communicating only by crying and laughing. He also suffers from hearing loss and his mobility is limited to taking just a few steps unaided. 

It was difficult to comprehend and still is now how severely Mylo's been affected by CMV when he could have been born asymptomatic or had mild needs.”

Ruth, Mylo's mum