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Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome (HLHS)

Tragically, the rare heart condition Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) claimed little Jessica’s life. Parents Michael and Louise describe their family’s heartbreak and hope for the future as Dr Pablo Lamata develops 3D computer modelling to help babies and their surgeons.

Necrotising enterocolitis (NEC)

Born three months early, Jack spent the first four and a half months of his life in hospital. He needed oxygen, help with his breathing, and feeding tubes to survive. He contracted the life-threatening bowel condition necrotising enterocolitis (NEC).

Premature birth

Elijah was born extremely prematurely at 25 weeks and three days, weighing less than 2lbs. Tragically, he lived for just 37 days after contracting the devastating bowel infection necrotising enterocolitis (NEC).

Lily and living with BPAN

Lily was only five years old when she was diagnosed with the rare, disabling and life-shortening condition known as beta-propeller protein-associated neurodegeneration or BPAN. " We were just totally devastated,” says her dad Simon.

Juvenile Batten Disease

Discovering that three of their children have the devastating, rare condition juvenile Batten disease has, says mum Dee, left the family feeling numb.

Alfie’s story

Alfie is a lively nine-year-old who loves jokes and playing tricks on people. “He’s a cheeky boy who always wants to have fun,” says mum Samantha. But for Alfie, who has cerebral palsy, having fun is a daily struggle.

Small steps, big breakthroughs

Action Medical Research is the leading UK-wide charity funding vital research to help sick and disabled babies, children and young people. Please watch and share this film..

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