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Protecting children from polio since 1962

Big Breakthroughs

Our research successes

With the help of all our supporters, we have played a significant role in many medical breakthroughs for more than 70 years, starting with the development of the first UK polio vaccines.

Later funding the development of the use of ultrasound technology during pregnancy, estimated to have almost halved the death rate for babies at the time of birth.

Professor Andrew Peet, University of Birmingham

Our research strategy

We select the very best projects and research training fellows through peer review, with the focus on the health of babies, children and young people.

The research we support focuses on child health including problems affecting pregnancy, childbirth, babies, children and young people. Within this we support a broad spectrum of research with the objective of preventing disease and disability.

Baby Jacob resting his head on his mum's shoulder

Family stories

We are fortunate to work with many families who share their heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking real-life stories with us, helping to raise awareness of the importance of our work in medical research for sick babies and children.

Tom playing in his swing in the garden

Organisations we work with

Action works with organisations where this helps move forward important medical research for children. Our gold standard peer review process is highly regarded and other charities often join us to fund research recommended by Action’s expert Scientific Advisory Panel.

Latest research

Apply for a research grant

The aim of the charity is to prevent and treat disease and disability by funding vital medical research in hospitals or research institutions across the UK.