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Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride

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Preparations are underway for one of Action Medical Research’s most popular events of the year: Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride!

With three routes to choose from (21, 40 or 68 miles) there is something for everyone.

Davina McCall has been supporting the charity for many years and will once again be mingling with riders, setting them off and even taking on the gruelling ‘Champion’ course on Sunday, 25 June. The TV presenter sat down with Action to explain how she first became involved with the charity and why women in particular will love her bike ride!   

How is your training for the Big Sussex Bike Ride going? Are you managing to fit it in with your busy schedule?
Well…life is indeed very busy! So, I am doing two hardcore spin classes a week and one longish (2 hours) ride at the weekend. I’m putting in the training because I am doing the 68 miler but if you are doing the shorter rides it is still advisable to do some training …. I have older kids now so they are fine together and so I fit in the spin classes after the school run. When they were smaller I had a turbo trainer in the living room with my bike on it, so I could get the hours in…. needs must….

How long have you been a supporter of Action Medical Research and why?
Awww, I love Action Medical Research! I have been raising money for them since I was 9!!!!! My granny Pippy used to do lots of fundraising for them and got me involved! I loved it…
When I got famous I was asked if I would like to become an ambassador…I jumped at the chance. It’s an honour to fundraise with Action – the charity does unbelievable work and I love the fact that it’s relatively unknown and yet has discovered such amazing medical breakthroughs that help so many mothers and children!

What do you think makes this event on 25 June so special?
When it launched seven years ago the aim was to make it a female-friendly ride. We do get blokes tagging along - which is brilliant and I’d encourage more to sign up - but I’ve always wanted an event that makes women feel empowered to get involved and not worry too much about the competitiveness that’s sometimes associated with other cycling sportives.
I want to get more women and girls cycling of any age, shape, fitness. It makes me laugh…I do this every year and I have absolutely no idea the time I do it in. I’ve never asked! For me it’s about the giggle! The power of lots of lovely ladies coming together to do good… It makes me emotional just thinking about it.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of taking part in the event for the first time?
It is the most supportive, loving, fun, relaxed day out ever! There is an amazing atmosphere and great pit stops!!!!!! And you are doing your body a favour at the same time!

Feeling inspired? You can still sign up to ride Davina’s Big Sussex Bike Ride on Sunday, 25 June at East Sussex National Golf Club, near Uckfield.

Just tap here to read more about the event and find out how to register.

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