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Meet the artists behind our 2018 charity Christmas cards

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We are delighted to announce that our ‘Christmas Card Campaign’ returns this year with nine very talented artists from across the UK donating their amazing designs. Once again, 100% of the proceeds will be coming to Action in order to help us fund vital medical research. You can have a proper look at the cards – and buy some packs – here. In the meantime, let us introduce you to the artists…


 Hannah Dale from ‘Wrendale Designs 

 Hannah has been instrumental in organising this year’s campaign. Lynn Tait, who initially spearheaded   the   annual fundraiser   in 2012, sadly passed away in 2017. A member of Lynn’s ‘Ladder Club’ (a   networking  group for those working in the greetings card industry) Hannah was keen to continue the   Christmas tradition  in Lynn’s honour.

 “I’m delighted to be involved in this year’s campaign for Action. I actually contributed a design back when   this  first started as   well. My daughter was born with a congenital heart condition and had to have open   heart surgery to close up a number of holes. My husband and I were so grateful for the care and support   that she received that it felt really appropriate to try and give something back. And so that’s why we’re so   delighted to   be involved with the charity from a personal point of view.

 “I think this is a marvellous opportunity for members of the Ladder Club, some of whom are very new to   the business, to not only get their names out there but also help a fantastic cause as well.”




Helen Morgan from ‘Just A Little Note 

“My look is quite traditional and involves my watercolour and ink illustrations - most of my cards are designed with children in mind and are popular with new parents and families with young children.

“I’m so pleased to be involved in this year’s campaign. I have an eight-year-old son who thankfully is healthy. But my nephew is six and he has had meningitis and as a result had to have major heart surgery. If there hadn’t been the research into those illnesses, who knows where we’d be now? He definitely wouldn’t have just completed his first football tournament for sure!”  


  Jeannett Stevenson from ‘Pippi & Me 

 “I’ve been working in the greetings card industry for around five years now. My designs all incorporate cute little felted creatures with different   coloured backgrounds and props for different occasions.

 “I’m absolutely delighted to have been chosen for this year’s Christmas campaign! I love the fact that one of my designs will be going ‘out   there’ to help raise money for such a worthy cause.”



Jessica Hogarth from ‘Jessica Hogarth: Illustration & Surface Patterns Design  

“Buildings are my absolutely favourite thing to draw in the whole wide world! So my design it’s influenced by some London town houses that are in a very snowy setting. And I think a lot of the cards this year have got a gold foil finish on them, so the sentiment’s in foiling.  And there’s some other little stars and things that have gold foil on them as well which just adds that extra Christmas sparkle!

“It’s nice to be able to give something back and if I can make a big impact by donating a design that’s going to help raise some vital funds for Action then obviously that’s an amazing feeling!”


 Megan Purdie from ‘Megan Claire

 “We’ve been a part of the Ladder Club since 2011 and have been trading for six years in that time. This is the first time that we have been   selected to take part in Action’s Christmas card campaign and it’s so exciting!

 “As a publisher you don’t really ever see where your cards go. You know people buy them but you never actually get to see or hear of anyone   actually walking into a shop and buying them. So to know that my cards are being sold for such a good cause is absolutely amazing.” 


Nicki Sclater from ‘Nicki Sclater 

“My designs are inspired by the flora and fauna in the countryside where I live. It takes me about a week to create a design, starting with photographs I’ve taken and sketching ideas. When I have drawings that I’m happy with I sit down at my desk with a big blank sheet of card and all my fabric pieces, and begin piecing together a picture.

“For the last 15 years I’ve taught music to young children as well as bringing up my own three boys. Over the years I’ve met many families affected by serious illness - classmates of my sons, siblings of my pupils, children of my friends. I’ve heard so much about the incredible support of medical staff and hospitals, and the research into the treatment and cure of these illnesses is just as important. Charities such as Action mean this crucial, tireless research - and the resulting treatment breakthroughs - are made possible. It is a great honour to be able to help raise money for this incredibly important cause.”


Susan Torrington from 'Trumpers World' 







Val Goldfinch from 'Val Goldfinch Designs'

“My Christmas card is designed to appeal to cyclists, as they form a part of Action’s fundraising activities.  It is in a loose watercolour style...slightly humorous, but not cartoonish. A lot of my work is in watercolour, I have fairly precise style, so I tend to concentrate on detailed work.

“I am really happy to be able to support such a worthwhile charity as Action, especially in honour of Lynn Tait, who contributed so much to many causes.”


 Wendy Jones-Blackett from ‘Wendy Jones-Blackett Ltd 

 “I’ve done a little Santa design; it’s quite a juvenile design, quite cartoon-like but very cheerful! The card has some lovely red foiling on it and   little snowflakes in the background. It is a very young, fresh design I think…not specifically for kids, but the kind of thing they could send as   well.

 “It is a complete honour to be asked to be involved, absolutely brilliant! I love that 100% of the profits goes to Action and that’s unique. I’ll be   looking forward to seeing the final figure at the end.”   



The Christmas cards are on sale now!

Packs of 5 cost £3.50 with all the proceeds going to Action. Postage & packing is free for orders of 6 packs or more.

Find out more here.