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Four fundraising challenges in four months

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Dan Sinclair and the Cross Street Team are busy men. The 28-year-old Sales Manager and his team from Swindon is taking on a number of challenges for Action in 2018. He hopes to raise £20,000.
The challenges start in June with the Trek The Night: Cotswold Way; then there’s the infamous Action London-Paris bike ride
following which they’ll continue on to Geneva. And finally, they’ll take on the Race The Sun: Lake District.
We spoke with Dan to find out how he’s squeezing it all in…

4 events in 4 months is quite the challenge! Who came up with the idea?

Myself and Shaun took part in last year’s London-Paris bike ride for Action and absolutely loved it! The event was so well organised and there was a great camaraderie amongst all the riders. I was keen to do it again this year, but also wanted to up the ante a bit. So I thought about tagging on a 300 mile Paris-Geneva ride at the end!

I got talking to some colleagues of mine and showed them the Action website with all the other fundraising events you organise. One thing led to another and before long we had signed up to quite a few challenges.


How did you hear about Action in the first place?

Emma and I were blessed with twin girls around five years ago. Both Millie and Scarlett were born with Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) https://www.action.org.uk/necrotising-enterocolitis . I had never heard of the condition, but when it affects your little ones you quickly learn. Sadly Scarlett passed away. We were absolutely devastated.

I enjoy keeping active and while searching for events to take part in I stumbled across Action and found out more about the many areas of research the charity helps fund. From that day forward I wanted to do what I could to help raise money to find future cures.


Out of your four challenges, which one are you most looking forward to?

Um, I think I’d have to say the London-Geneva bike ride. It’s a long way to cycle, but the London-Paris event was so much fun last year!


And which one are you least looking forward to?

Ha – I’m not sure… may be the Trek . I’ve done this a couple of times now and last time the rain was terrible. I mean it poured down and that certainly made the hike a lot harder. I’ll be hoping for drier conditions this time around!


Why would you encourage other people to fundraise for Action?

When you have children, they become the most precious people in the world to you. We are so blessed to have our Millie, but having to say goodbye to Scarlett was just devastating. There are so many life-threatening conditions out there. Some of them are well-known, others you won’t have heard of. Action helps raise funds for research projects across the UK and every time they do, we get one step closer to finding a cure. If you enjoy a challenge and want to help future families I’d encourage you to check out what Action does and sign yourself up.


Dan Sinclair and his friends/colleagues from Cross Street Garage in Swindon hope to raise £20,000 for Action. Find out more here

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