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New research starting in 2019

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We’re pleased to announce six new studies set to start in 2019 – an investment of almost £770,000 in top quality research to help sick babies and children who are facing some of the very toughest fights.



As a charity, we want to make a difference in premature birth, pregnancy complications, and treating sick and vulnerable babies, as well as preventing infections and helping children affected by disabling conditions and rare diseases.

Studies are selected through our gold standard peer review process. This helps us choose research that’s most likely to deliver real benefit to babies, children and young people.

We are currently funding more than 65 projects, including Research Training Fellowships, at leading hospitals, universities and specialist centres across the UK.

In 2019, three new projects will start seeking to help children with potentially devastating rare conditions: XIAP deficiency; spinal muscular atrophy (SMA); and Niemann-Pick disease. We’re also funding research into the long terms effects of birth asphyxia, a study to help children with cerebral palsy and research into new ways to help seriously ill children who may be vulnerable to infections.

You can find out more about these studies on our latest research page and by following us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. We work with families affected by many different conditions. Do take a look at our family stories to read more. You might also be interested in our BORN TOO SOON family gallery.