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The Gingerman Group

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The Gingerman Group

Started in 1998 with its flagship Brighton restaurant, the Gingerman Group now have four Ginger sites and are widely considered to be amongst the best restaurants in Brighton.

The Ginger Chef, Ben McKellar, together with wife and business partner Pamela McKellar, started the Gingerman Group with their flagship restaurant, The Gingerman on Norfolk Square Brighton. There other Ginger sites include the Ginger Fox, Ginger Pig and Ginger Dog.

They are generously supporting Action by making a donation for every pudding and children's meal ordered as well as on counter collections, private fundraising events, and the sale of Paddington pin badges.

Tony Hadley singing at the Gingerman Cocktails

The Ginger Cocktail Society Ladies Lunch

This event with Tony Hadley took place on Friday 18 May 2018 and was a huge success, raising over £40,000 in one afternoon. Over 100 ladies enjoyed a sumptuous 4-course meal with cocktails, followed by a live auction and dancing.

At the same time, just down the road at The Gingerman, the men-only lunch was hosted by Ben McKellar with all proceeds coming to Action.

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