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Price Bailey

Price Bailey

Price Bailey is fundraising via it’s Charity Checkout page. Support us today and make a donation - All donations are hugely appreciated

Action Medical Research is proud to be supported by Price Bailey Chartered Accountants.

Price Bailey specialises in providing accountancy and financial advice to secure the financial future for businesses and individuals. The firm has a range of specialists in many areas which combine to provide a complete, integrated offering including tax consultancy, corporate finance, strategic planning, private wealth management and employment law.

They have committed to raising funds that will change the lives of future generations through Action’s Born Too Soon campaign.  

Inspired Fundraising

Inspired Fundraising

Money making incentives

Cash in the attic

Clear out those cupboards and wardrobes and donate items that we can sell through the Action Ebay pages. Many of us will have interesting and useful items we no longer need or want and we can turn these into cash. So get ready to support our virtual charity shop to boost our fundraising for Action Medical Research.

Cash in the Attic

It’s time to clear out your cupboards and wardrobes and donate items that we can sell through the Action eBay pages.

Supporting Action on the bike, running a marathon or consuming produce from the next office cake bake sale may not float your boat but you can help make a big difference by supporting our virtual Charity shop.

Your Price Bailey Charity Champion will let you know when to bring your items into the office. Items will be checked and prepared for sale by Action Medical Research .

Most things will sell so start gathering together all your pre-loved items and help us to fill the shelves in our virtual shop. 

We will check all items before posting them on eBay and we will seek expert advice on any special items that may need to carry a reserve price.   


Set yourself a Personal Best (PB) and ask friends, family and colleagues to support your journey to a better you!

Whatever your PB, it’s up to you. Maybe some of the examples below will help you create your own, unique PB for 2019 and beyond!

Set up your page on Charity Checkout for your PB challenge today, and get everyone behind you to help you succeed in your Personal Best for Action, by doing something that improves YOU!

My Personal Best

Set yourself a personal best (PB) and ask folk to support you on your journey. Your PB can be whatever you want it to be, for some it will be a physical challenge for others it will be about making a life-change. It could be something  as basic as declaring that you will set a PB to keep a tidy desk or answer colleagues emails sooner!

  • Never spoken in public? Strive to deliver a ten minute presentation and experience the adrenaline of public speaking
  • Challenge yourself to ride one of Action’s Ride 100’s, and then set your sights on the London to Paris Cycle in 2019
  • A self-confessed fizzy drinker? Ditch the fizz for Action, and notice a healthier you!

Setting your PB is a fun way to get involved with raising funds for Action medical Research and it doesn't matter whether you set yourself an ambitious challenge and fundraising target or a simple goal that others will recognise with the odd donation. It all counts and what really matters is that you give it a go.

Once you have decided to set your PB then let your charity champion know so it can be announced to all! 

Here are a few ideas:

  • I will try and get close to my, school sports day, 100 metre time 

  • I will cycle to work at least twice a week

  • I will conquer my fear of public speaking and deliver a 10 minute speech

  • I will learn to draw by the end of the year

  • I am stuck in a fashion time warp but the new me will appear in December

  • I will keep a tidy desk. Put a coin in the tin if you think I am making progress!

  • I will grow the finest beard known to humanity by Christmas

Latest News

Latest News

fundraising results and information

The Latest

London to Paris – July 2019

London to Paris – July 2019 – We are proud to say that ten Price Bailey employees have taken the plunge and signed up to Action’s London to Paris Cycle in July 2019 – but there is always room for more! Do you fancy taking on a challenge like no other, with your current employees? Can you see yourself riding into Paris to a hero’s welcome, the day before the Tour De France final, and would you like to do your bit to raise vital funds so we can continue our research programs that change the lives of future babies and children? Get in touch with Paul Fox today, and join Team Action!

Price Bailey’s Charity Ball – March 2019

Price Bailey’s Charity Ball – March 2019 Price Bailey will be hosting a charity ball in aid of the team members who are taking part in the London to Paris cycle challenge in July. With the aim of raising as much money as possible, there will be an auction, music and a raffle. Yanto Barker, former pro-cyclist will also be joining Price Bailey for the evening. For ticket information, please contact Sophie Parker.

Charity Day 2018! Has put a call out to all colleagues inviting them to be a part of Team PB

Charity Day 2018! Price Bailey’s annual charity day took place on Friday 21st September 2018, and raised a whopping £16,000 for Action Medical Research! All five offices got behind the fundraising, arranging fun and games all day! From scavenger hunts through Cambridge, to jacket potatoes for lunch in London, the day was a huge success!

What's on

What's on

check upcoming activity

What's On?

  • Price Bailey Ball: Friday 1st March 2019
  • PB Guernsey’s Ball: Friday 29th March 2019
  • Ride 100 series: Various dates but starting May 2019
  • Static Bike Challenge: Various dates in June 2019
  • Price Bailey Duathlon: June 2019
  • PB Mixed Netball Tournament: Thursday 11th July 2019
  • London to Paris: July 2019

Price Bailey - Saving Tiny Lives

Around one in nine babies born in the UK needs some form of special care as a result of a difficult birth, life-threatening condition or simply, because they were Born Too Soon.

With Price Bailey’s help and support, our Born Too Soon campaign aims to reduce the high rate of premature births, prevent pregnancy complications that threaten babies’ lives, and find the best ways to care for sick and vulnerable babies.

Premature birth kills. And we're fighting back. Through medical research we can STOP the devastation caused by premature birth and pregnancy complications.

Price Bailey have joined the fight to help SAVE tiny lives because we believe our medical research will find the answers.