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Leave a Gift to Action in Your Will

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Leave a gift to Action in your will

Why leave a gift to a charity in your will?

You can change children's lives forever by leaving a gift to medical research in your will.

The next big breakthrough in children's health could be possible thanks to a gift in your will. 

Recent advances in science and technology mean that the prospects for developing game-changing new breakthroughs are better than ever. 

You may also receive tax benefits for including a gift to Action Medical Research in your will. A gift in your will to a charity is free of inheritance tax and may also reduce the amount of tax payable on the rest of your will. Find out more here 

Thank you for considering a gift to charity in your will. Leaving a percentage of your estate to fund future medical research could make all the difference.

How do I leave a gift to charity in my will?

We've created a handy guide containing all the information you might need to write your will, as well as details on leaving a life-changing gift to the charity. The free booklet includes:

  • our free will-writing offers
  • the different types of gift you can leave
  • tax benefits through inheritance tax
  • answers to FAQs on writing a will

Order your copy today and we'll pop one in the post for you, or you can download the guide straight away. 

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How a gift in your will could save lives

Write your will for free today

If you're ready to write your will, you can use one of our free offers to write a will at no cost to yourself. You can make or update a will for free through a local solicitor, online or over the phone. 

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Who is remembering Action with a gift in their will?

We are grateful to the many people who have already chosen to support us with a gift in their will.

Our history

Action Medical Research started in 1952 to fund research into polio. The charity has had a number of name changes since then:

1952-1960:  The National Fund for Poliomyelitis Research

1960-1967:  The National Fund for Research into Poliomyelitis and Other Crippling Diseases, also known as the Polio Research Fund

1967-1990:  The National Fund for Research into Crippling Diseases, also known informally as Action for the Crippled Child and Action Research for the Crippled Child - ARCC

1990-2003:  Action Research

2003-now:   Action Medical Research

We are still the same organisation, with the same vision: prevention, treatments and cures for diseases and conditions.