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Family stories mean so much

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We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the families who’ve kindly shared their stories with Action this year - and everyone who's joined our BORN TOO SOON online community. Together, we can support each other, encourage more funding for vital research and make a real difference to babies' and children's lives in the future. But words can only say so much so, this Christmas, we're going to let these beautiful pictures do the talking...

Collage of family photosCollage of family photosCollage of family photoscollage of family imagesFamily collage


Do you have a story to share?

We welcome family stories on our Born Too Soon story gallery and on Facebook. This can really help to build a supportive online community and raise awareness of the need for vital medical research into pregnancy complications, preterm birth and the challenges that very tiny, vulnerable babies may face. Do take a look here and join the fight against premature birth. Thank you!

Read about Edward, Ella, Georgia and many other children


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Have you seen the family stories on our website? As a charity we are inspired by each and every one - from Edward, affected by severe dystonia, who's responded so very well to brain surgery, to baby Ella who thankfully survived the severe chest infection bronchiolitis, and three-year-old Georgia who's living with debilitating Crohn's disease.

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