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Reaching new heights for Action

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According to Everesting.cc


“The concept of Everesting is fiendishly simple: Pick any hill, anywhere in the world and complete repeats of it in a single activity until you climb 8,848m – the equivalent height of Mt Everest.”

  • Official time: 20 hours 57 minutes
  • Route: Le Chable to the ski resort of Verbier
  • Number of ascents: 13 and a half
  • Distance: 249km
  • Bike ridden: Lapierre 600 (Valais Special Edition) - with a 34 rear cassette!!
  • Crew: 22 Volunteers (Base Camp & Sherpas)
  • Calories burned: 9,500 according to Strava… but likely more!!
  • Fun fact: The route was the final climb of the 2009 Tour de France Stage won be Alberto Contador. He climbed it in 24 minutes as opposed to my 55 minutes!

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