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Action Fundraiser Skydiving


Various dates

can you handle the height?

The high adrenaline free-fall starts as you and your instructor jump, you fall through the air and rush towards the earth at about 125 mph – if you’ve chosen to jump from 10,000 ft this will last approximately 30 seconds or 60 seconds if you’re jumping from 15,000 ft. At 5000 ft your tandem instructor will deploy the parachute, this will slow your rate of descent to about 30mph.

What to expect on the day

Check-in and induction 

You’ll need your ‘booking reference’ to register your arrival and input any final details. You'll then get called through to the induction room where the customer service manager will give you the low-down on what to expect throughout the day and give you some tips on how to get the most out of your tandem skydive experience.

Training centre and kitting up area 

About 20 minutes before your jump you’ll be called through to the kitting-up area to put on jump suits, goggles and a leather hat. You’ll then be fitted with a harness before your specialist training begins.

The pre-jump training session is conducted by highly qualified instructors in a simulated training environment. Lasting about 10 – 15 minutes it will give you the instruction required for your tandem skydive.

Departure zone

Here you’ll meet you instructor and record the start of your tandem skydive movie as you wait for your flight to be ready. Once your flight is ready your instructor will escort you to the plane.

Old Sarum Park

Everyone should do a skydive at least once in their life, it was incredible! You feel so light and carefree while free falling and at the same time it's a huge adrenaline rush! Once landed I wanted to get in the plane and go again. It made it even more worthwhile raising money for charity too.

~ Shannon Hunt
Action Fundraiser Skydiving

Key Information

  • Registration: £50
  • Fundraising: £400
  • Date: All year round
  • Location: Old Sarum Park, Salisbury, SP4 6EB