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Giveacar is a Social Enterprise; they are a small business who reinvests any surplus straight back into the company.This enables them to continue recycling your old cars whilst raising money for charities like Action. The business is focused on giving back to those who need it most.

Launched in January 2010, Giveacar now handles up to 500 cars and donates thousands of pounds to over 100 charities on average each month. Giveacar was the first service of its kind in the UK and allows charities to tap into a brand new source of funds. At the same time it gives car owners a simple way to get rid of their unwanted cars properly and put them to good use, raising money for their favourite charities.

To date Giveacar has raised over £5,500 for Action's vital work, and we were excited to be their chosen charity for the first quarter of 2022.

Giveacar is a not-for-profit business and they manage their costs by taking a nominal service fee from the overall donation proceeds.

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