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Call for project grants from across the UK from Action Medical Research and Borne

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Action Medical Research and Borne are teaming up to fund project grants from across the UK for translational research into the causes of preterm birth in order to develop diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies to reduce the rates of prematurity.

We encourage high quality research that can be translated into clinical solutions in the short to medium term. This joint award is focused on the pregnancy period (including preconception as it affects baby/child health) and the factors and conditions in pregnancy that may lead to preterm birth.

Outline applications will be graded on both potential clinical impact and scientific quality. A combination of clinical and science applicants and inter-disciplinary collaboration is particularly welcome including novel collaborations that could bring new insight into the problems of preterm birth.

Exclusions for the joint award

These include assisted conception, maternal health not linked to pregnancy or birth and neonatal and perinatal interventions to address the consequences of prematurity; service delivery research also falls outside the remit.

Costs and timing

Project grants of up to three years full time funding and up to £250,000 per award. Smaller applications to help researchers develop original and innovative ideas are also welcome. Applications may include pilot studies that will generate data enabling larger scale applications to funding bodies or practical application.

Applications for co-funded projects will need to meet the remit and guidelines on the Action Medical Research website. Up to £500,000 of joint funding in total is available to spend on Action and Borne co-funded projects for awards in December 2024/quarter one 2025.

Applications that are not eligible for co-funding but meet the remit of Action Medical Research alone will also be considered in this round.

Review process

Applications should be made to Action Medical Research via the Outline Proposal form available from the Action Medical Research website. Please read the guidelines section for more details and to download an outline form. Successful applicants from the outline stage will then be invited to complete a full application for full external peer review in open competition with other applications in the grant round.

For more information on Action’s remit and the project grant call see how to Apply For A Research Grant.

For more information on the Borne and its remit see the Borne Reseach page.

Questions regarding the round should be directed to Action Medical Research by email:

Closing date for outline applications Tuesday 27 February 2024 5pm

Please read before applying

Project Grant Applications Guidelines and Outline Form

Applications should be of the highest quality as the scheme is very competitive