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Cieran's story

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Cieran's story

Meningitis B

Cieran was just nine months old when he caught meningitis type B but the scars of his battle with the deadly infection remain today. He is now profoundly deaf, with very little speech, and also has epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Many people are unaware that there is more than one type of meningitis and, sadly, there is still no vaccine to prevent the type that Cieran had.


Funding research

Action Medical Research has funded a number of studies to protect children from meningitis, including completed and current projects aiming to develop a new vaccine against meningitis B.

In another study we've supported, researchers investigated a way to prevent one type of bacterial meningitis in newborn babies, by trying to harness the body’s natural defences. 

Video: Cieran's story

Please watch Ceiran's story in this video.

If you've been affected by meningitis and need practical support, call the Meningitis Now helpline on 0808 80 10 388.

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